Mizpah Philosophy


Mizpah is devoted to producing and providing products and services that will enhance the well-being of body, mind and spirit. We frequently work with our clients directly to design and produce products specifically for each client, products that are unique and of rare beauty.

Mizpah's People

Mizpah succeeds because its people are passionate and highly skilled. Every person producing things or providing services for Mizpah has a deep love for doing what they do. Mizpah offers them the perfect vehicle for recognition of their talents and an opportunity to exercise their skills at a very personal level with each and every client.


Mizpah designs many products from a blank page with each client. Naturally, our experience allows us to provide suggestions for clients who might not know where to start. The ideas and passion of each client for their product are an integral and crucial element of the way Mizpah works. This approach manifests itself in unique products for unique individuals.


Mizpah's approach to designing and creating unique products means that we keep very little individual stock, except for some spa and craft products. Most products are produced only when the design process with you is complete. Mizpah will advise, at the time of ordering, when the product is expected to be ready and keep you informed as the creative process progresses.


Mizpah takes social and moral responsibilities seriously. Since its foundation, Mizpah has donated a portion of its profits to worthy charitable organisations. From local to global, our concern for the well-being of all is indivisible from the ethos and nature of Mizpah.

Tell Us What You Think

Your comments and thoughts on Mizpah, our people, products and services, are always most welcome. Please feel free to contact Mizpah with details.

Thank you for visiting Mizpah on the web. We look forward to being of service to you.

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