Mizpah Spa Bookings

Please use this form to request or enquire about Mizpah Spa bookings. If you wish to contact Mizpah more generally, or you want to update your personal information, please use the Contact Mizpah form.

Please submit your booking requests at least 24 hours before the time you want your appointment.


Gift Certificates

If you have a Gift Certificate, we will ensure the expiry date of that certificate is adjusted to allow for our closure period so that you are not disadvantaged by the closure. If, in the circumstances, you would prefer to arrange a full refund of your Gift Certificate, we will arrange that for you without question.


If you are choosing My Choice, please indicate the treatments you want in the Comments section below.

Note: Mizpah Spa is closed on Sundays, public holidays, and at other times as notified on this website.


Note: Mizpah Spa is open between 10am and 8pm. Last appointment must finish by 8pm.

Please select the appropriate item above and add any additional details in the Comments section below.

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