What does the word Mizpah mean?

Mizpah is a name from the Bible. It is also sometimes called Mizpeh. It is mostly used to refer to a place near Gilead (Jud 11.29).

Its first usage (Gen 31.49-50) refers to it as a pillar of stones set up by Jacob and Laban. The pillar of stones acted as a witness to the bond between the two men. As Laban said, "The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other. ... remember, God is witness between you and me". It is for this reason that Mizpah has often been interpreted as signifying an emotional bond between people who are separated, either physically by distance or by death.

We at Mizpah believe strongly in the bond between all people. Hence, our desire to cater to the individual and unique well-being of body, mind and spirit of all our clients.

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